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Who knows what opportunities we will find for our clients next!?!

10/2023: m2 Asset Management has partnered with Petersen Advisors, LLC. They are a fellow Branch working with Cadaret, Grant & Co. We look forward to sharing their increased level of scale, service, and trustworthy experience as we grow our team in supporting clients at the level they expect & deserve.

10/2019: m2 Asset Management proudly welcomes the clients of MDIC to continue building our relationships as a trusted financial professional for you and your families.

10/2013: Matthew Matcovsky achieves completing the Series 65 Investment Advisor Law Exam to become an Investment Advisor Representative (IAR) bringing the ability of to formally advise clients by implementing plans with an even greater level of meeting your expectations of avoiding conflicts of interest.

11/2005: Matthew Matcovsky forms m2 Asset Management, named to recognize and reinforce the increasingly exponential needs for our abilities in recommending and implementing plans for clients.

03/2002: Matthew Matcovsky joins Cadaret, Grant, & Co., Inc. The ability to work with a truly independent Broker Dealer, and not for an investment or insurance company. This gives clients the comfort in the knowledge that there is not the possibility of conflict of interest in a company's proprietary products in any recommendations given to you.

Before 2002: Matthew Matcovsky gains knowledge and experience with John Hancock and Signature Investors Inc. beginning with the intricacies of recommending appropriate Life Insurance, Tax Deferred Annuities, and Long Term Care Insurance to protect clients and their families. The ability to offer an ever-growing list of Mutual Fund families came shortly after with the goal of giving choices to clients in growing their hard-earned savings until they needed reliable income in their well-deserved retirement. Then achieving my Series 7 License created my ability to offer a full range of access to individual stocks, bonds, and alternative investments for qualified and accredited investors.

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